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Travelling Abroad? Be Sure to Plan Ahead!

Book an appointment with our pharmacist at Central Drugs six or more weeks prior to your departure date. Our team will ensure that you have a clear idea of what travel vaccinations are required and recommended for your travels, we will also plan out a travel vaccination schedule to help make the process easy and seamless for you.

We recommend planning ahead as some travel vaccinations require a booster a few weeks after your initial dose. We want to ensure you’re as safe and healthy as possible before embarking on your latest adventure!

Which Travel Vaccinations Will I Need?

Our team of pharmacists at Central Drugs will help you determine which travel vaccinations you need prior to travelling. Travel vaccinations fall into the following categories: routine, recommended and required.

Routine Vaccinations

Routine vaccinations are recommended to everyone in British Columbia, regardless if you intend to travel. Visit Immunize BC to view detailed routine vaccination schedules for all British Columbians.

Recommended Vaccinations

Various vaccinations are recommended depending on your travel destination. Your Central Drugs pharmacist will discuss the benefits of these travel vaccinations with you and help you determine whether they are right for you. Some areas to consider when deciding on recommended vaccinations are:

  • Your age and current health status
  • Your risk of contracting a disease while abroad
  • The length of your travels
  • Your planned activities & accommodations

Required Vaccinations

Many countries require you to provide proof of receiving certain vaccinations before entering. These requirements vary from country to country. It is important that you consider these requirements prior to arranging travel plans. To find out which vaccinations are required for your next trip, visit the Government of Canada’s helpful travel vaccination planner. Alternatively, you may book an appointment with your trusted Central Drugs pharmacist to review your vaccinations and come up with a plan that works for you and your travel itinerary.

Book a Travel Vaccination Appointment Today

Before booking your next trip abroad, book an appointment with our pharmacists at one of our 7 conveniently located locations across Central Vancouver Island.

Each one of our locations is owned and operated by a pharmacist who cares about your health.

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